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We all want to be part of something larger, a great adventure, and make a difference in the world.  I am looking for that next big adventure.  My experience and background are in customer service and the public sector, where I get a chance to make a difference every day. I believe the next big adventure will involve social media as a way to reach more people and change the world. I see this blog as an opportunity to participate and to use my skills in writing, research, and analysis to bring ideas to life.

If you can offer the next big adventure, then I can offer untapped potential demonstrated by the following experience and skills.

I write two blogs and contribute to a number of industry specific discussion sites. One blog is on political philosophical view of current events and the other on management issues and ideas. My work in these areas lets me display my skills and potential as a writer and an analyst. I am good synthesising large amounts of data and present them in a coherent, cogent, and convincing way. I use that skill to horizon scan and propose future ways of working.  My 2010 paper on the future of record management was awarded highly commended paper in the Records Management Journal. I have also been a contributor to the long journalism start-up Postdesk since August 2011, where several of my articles are published.

I have leadership and management skills I developed while leading different teams (policy development) and (information management). In each team, I have improved performance, delivered improved customer service and maintaining team morale by mentoring my teams and developing their skills.  I have wider political experience. I   helped set up a local government political action group, Fourth Option Special Interest Group, (FOSIG) in 2006.  The Group successfully lobbying for a change in legislation in 2011, Localism Act 2011 that reinstated the fourth option (committee system) for small councils.

I have cross-cultural experience and customer experience skills working in sales positions like Starbucks and Thrifty where customer care is central to customer satisfaction.   I have studied, travelled, and worked abroad for over 10 years which gives me a good insight into different cultures.  With my PhD, which was published as a book that shows my theoretical training I bring to my work and my writing.

I have the potential to contribute to the next big adventure and I want to be part of something that will change the world. If you can offer that, I then I can offer you my potential, my skills, and my experience.  I can be contacted at lws2012 @ gmail.com.

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    “Culture eats your structure for lunch” Thank you for the nice article,
    very informative!


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