This blog post captures the move to a modern approach to work where location does not matter because what matters is the ability to be connected either digitally or physically with colleagues. Work is not about place. It is about the room for improvement. Have you thought about whether you have room for improvement.

Thoughts from a Guerrilla Worker

Day 9 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The biggest room in your business should be the room for improvement. Is it? I hope it’s bigger than the room for complacency. Perhaps this is a big room where you work. It shouldn’t be. Haven’t you heard it said that there is no room for complacency?

We have a room for improvement. It used to be my office.

I didn’t want an office. My work doesn’t require me to be alone. My work doesn’t require me to have status. We needed a place to meet with people. In a building filled with unoccupied desks there is surprisingly little meeting space and so I changed my office into a meeting room. It has its own booking system as well as tea and coffee facilities but it still had my name on the door and the cynics and the doubters said…

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