Launching a new media company: Media Meditations

Company Building

Company Building (Photo credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives)

Dear Subscribers,
I have decided to launch a new media company. As this seems to be the must do social media activity, I thought I would get involved. To join this group, I have created Media Meditations. It is 500 words on media, politics, and current events.

It will only last as long as people are interested in reading it. If there are less than 50 subscribers or 10,000 visits after 31 December 2014, then it will close up shop. If it meets either of those targets it will continue.

The format is no post will be more than 500 words. It will cover the media and it will explore a series of propositions about the future of journalism.

The first blog will be published on 15 January 2014 its title is The journalist as the internet political activist.

I hope you subscribe you can find it at this link

Yours sincerely

Lawrence Serewicz

About lawrence serewicz

An American living and working in the UK trying to understand the American idea and explain it to others. The views in this blog are my own for better or worse.
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