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Vexatious What the public sector calls a troll?

On the web, people who are argumentative, rude, or even threatening are called trolls. People block them and shun them from contact. In extreme cases, they can be banned from the social media platforms. The same process occurs in the … Continue reading

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If it is not written down, it did not happen: a problematic approach to customer service

The phrase is often used to describe the need for good records management and good documentation practices in investigations. One website suggests it as an approach to capture knowledge [link], while another suggests it can be used to help investigations [link]. The … Continue reading

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To get better complaints: help the customer to complain

I read this HBR blog and thought about how it could be applied to complaints.  When a problem occurs, an organisation will often wait until someone before trying to fix the issue. As most organisations do not work actively to … Continue reading

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Need to improve your customer service? Have your Chief Executive sign the complaint responses

Sometimes you have trouble with customer service. Try as you might, you cannot find a way to improve it. What may exist is a gap between the senior management and the frontlines regarding customer service. In many ways, the senior … Continue reading

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More words and phrases that kill customer service

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about words that kill customer service.  Words like “unfortunately” or “of course” and “obviously” immediately undermined the attempt to give good customer service.  I am now returning to that idea with some … Continue reading

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Words that kill customer service

When dealing with customers, the language you use can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost customer.  In particular, when trying to recover a customer, such as following a complaint, it is important to avoid these words.  … Continue reading

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Owning the problem: using complaints as an improvement tool

In books on management, there is often a tendency to look at the large or strategic issues that a company faces. The company has to have vision and a strategy for achieving the vision. Without a strategy or a vision, … Continue reading

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