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The rise of the networked managers: sense making in the social media age.

The manager’s role is changing. The new organisation, connected and networked,  requires managers to deal with internal and external issues.  The required skill set is changing.  In the past, the focus may have been on service delivery based on top … Continue reading

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The new renaissance paradigm: dream or nightmare for technological talent?

Within the social media revolution an idea has developed that we are seeing a new Renaissance.  The idea is that a New Renaissance Paradigm in which those who create content can avoid the middle man that traditionally help them to … Continue reading

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Why change Management is hard: sometimes you have to make the bricks

When people talk about change management, they often focus on large issues, like strategy, vision, and culture.  All of these are important to setting the goals for the change management programme.  Yet, what is often overlooked is the mechanics of … Continue reading

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Why people are going mobile? The web is too slow.

Just as video killed the radio star, advertisements have killed the web. People are going mobile for all the reasons why the web used to be good before the developers and advertisers got a hold of it.  Back around 2000 … Continue reading

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Public resignations do these change a corporate culture?

You chafe under an organisational hierarchy seemingly focused on the wrong goals, or behaviour, or even potentially criminal activity, and you dream that you can change it through a bold personal act.  For some, it will be a report to … Continue reading

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Which is more difficult? To admit your mistakes or to admit someone else was right?

Perhaps the hardest thing to do at work (and in life) is to admit when someone is right, especially if you disagreed with them.  In many books on management and learning organizations, we hear about the need to admit when … Continue reading

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What a photocopier tells you about your corporate culture

Many times leaders will ask themselves how they can tell the morale of their troops. Sure signs of bad morale are easy to spot. We see slumped shoulders, people looking at their shoes, people not picking up after themselves and … Continue reading

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